The next 2-week self study isn’t about results, it’s about ownership. It’s focused on single and married men (although women are free to join, preferably single women).  The self study will begin on Monday morning and a new post will go up every morning for 2 weeks.
It will be a 14 day study with a topic of “Own Your Shit” — 14 days to set a daily goal to focus on one area where you are likely not owning up to things and it’s creating havoc in how you value yourself. How a man values himself is directly connected to how others value you. Owning your shit means your own self-value skyrockets and you finally have control over your future.
Each day, I will post a topic where most men fail in making sure they’re getting done. The goal is not to actually fix anything right now, it’s to get an inventory of how bad you’ve let each topic slide — and future self studies will address each point in the order of importance.
Owning up to all your responsibilities as a man also includes taking responsibility for the areas of your life you’ve entrusted to others.  Just because they’re responsible for handling it doesn’t mean you aren’t the one most responsible for making sure it happens — with them or without them.  Relying on others isn’t freedom unless you truly trust others to manage those needs, and if they don’t trust you to handle your responsibilities, it’s your own fault for now owning all your shit.
For this self study, the following will be required:
* If you are single, a note pad and pen is best.  My note pad and pen combo that I actually use is available here on Amazon.
* If you are not single, you will need to use a notepad app or spreadsheet on your phone.
RULE ONE in owning your shit is simple: you will not discuss what your responsibilities are with anyone. You will not tell people you are doing them. If you do them, you will not brag about it.
“This year I will go to the gym” is not going to be said. “I will stop doing people favors” is not going to be said. “Look at how ripped I am today” is not going to be said. “I cleaned out the garage, honey!” is not going to be said.
I would prefer that people continuing the IF self study be part of this — if you haven’t done my Intermittent Fasting 2-week self study, I would suggest you try that self study out first. Also one of the self study steps will be mandatory sleep logging, so if you aren’t taking the ZMA supplement, get some now so you’re ready for it.
Continue on to the preliminary pondering topic on the order of supplication.