Order of supplication to others/other things:

0. I avoided doing this because I’m lazy
1. I avoided doing this because I am distracted/bored
2. I do this out of fear
3. I do this to give value to others
4. I do this to apologize for something
5. I do this because someone told me to do it
6. I do this because this is what others expect of me
7. I do this because this is what I expect of myself
8. I do this because I didn’t delegate it well to others
9. I do this because others responsible for it failed to do it

10. I do this because it makes my life better long-term

The #ABDADA 2-week Own Your Shit self study will focus on why things aren’t getting done in your life, and allow you to place a self-value on each topic from 0-10.

Do not confuse item #10 with item #3. Most guys do that constantly.