Official Copyright Statement of this website and A.B. Dada in general

If you see any content I have created online or in real life, be informed that all content is free of any and all intellectual property protections afforded to me personally.  This means that anything I write, draw, design, engineer, produce or manufacturer for hobby or profit is not encumbered with any intellectual property protections afforded to me, including copyright, trademark or patent.

This means you are free to copy, repurpose, modify, sell or resell anything I have created, for your own purposes and profits, without any attribution to me.  You do not have to link to, mention nor reimburse me for any benefits you gain.

This also means that anything you reuse for your own benefit or the applied/perceived benefits of others is your responsibility.  In no way, shape or form, legal or criminal or otherwise, am I responsible for your use, reuse and/or repurposing of any information you’ve received from me, my websites, my printed output or my words verbal or digital.

This includes any of my words, designs or information I have provided on this site but also on any other site, including my ecommerce sites, forum posts and comments of mine on Facebook, Reddit, etc, or words I have shared with you personally.

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights of Others

All the information gathered on this website was found online or through personal research offline.  Information may be patented, trademarked or copyrighted by others.  It is your responsibility 100% to perform your due diligence before repurposing, republishing or profiting from any information contained herein.

Goals of this website

My long term goal of this website is to share my developed “secrets” in finding freedom in life now, not after certain revolutionary changes happen to society, if ever.  I want to have a hand in creating a better subculture in society of people I can freely engage in, teach, and learn from.