Read these points

80% of customer complaints occur because they don’t read this small section.  Read them.  Please.  Especially point #2.

  1. You are ordering a custom printed shirt.  I have ZERO INVENTORY.  I don’t pre-print designs.  I am custom printing your order for you.
  2. You selected a “print date” for any items on this order.  THIS IS THE DAY I WILL PRINT YOUR ORDER, NOT THE DAY YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR ORDER.
  3. If you email me the day after your order date asking where your order is, I will either get angry or I will laugh at your inability to take 30 seconds to read something I begged you to read.  It happens once or twice a week (or 5 times a day) and people threaten me with negative reviews over it.
  4. Read point #2 again.  Out loud.  In the shower.  At the dinner table.  Tell your friends and family that you read point #2.  If you’re a politician running for office, tell the voters you read it.

Shipping Options

Please note: If you are buying only 1 shirt, you will have the option to ship First Class mail.  Those buying 2 or more shirts will only have the Priority Mail option.

In my experience, Priority Mail for U.S. domestic shipping is much faster.  I have seen some First Class mail packages take as long as 20 days after shipping to reach the destination (although, typically, it should be less than a week).  Once your item ships, I have no control over USPS.  Priority Mail takes typically 1-3 days after it is picked up at my shop in Chicago.

Also note: the turn-around time you select (Rush, Fast, Normal or Slow) is the time it takes for me to print your order.  It is NOT the time before you should expect your shirts to arrive.  If this is for a gift, please email or text me to confirm if I can get the shirt to you in time.

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Gildans now upgraded to Canvas!

I used to print solely on Gildan t-shirts, but they’re generally garbage.  Those shirts cost me $1.50 wholesale for blanks.  In January of 2015 I started to buy a super premium tee from Canvas — it is by far the nicest t-shirt you’ll find under $50.

The shirt sells for around $6 blank on Amazon, but even if you buy my $5 printed sale shirts, you’ll get my design printed on this shirt.

How do I do it?  It isn’t magic — I run this website as a form of meditation for me to relax from my real job, and now that I’ve sold 30,000 shirts and retained some really amazing regular customers, I’ve been able to lower my prices thanks to the constant and surprising growth of my website.

Want to see what others say about Canvas brand tees? Check out this Amazon listing and the many 5-stars given to it.

Remember: I want you to love your shirt(s).  I want you to wear what I’m printing, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be back for more.  No one else in the industry is printing on Canvas and selling finished products as low as $5.